Developmental Services

Adult Developmental Homes

Adult Developmental Homes (ADH) & Shared Living are residential support models available to people who prefer to live with a family or individual and can encompass a wide variety of living and support arrangements. ADH providers, either as a family or an individual, are independent contractors who open their homes and lives to people so that the person can experience a more intimate and personal approach to teaching activities of daily living.

 Supported Living

Supports are provided in the home of the identified person(s).  Supports are tailored to the needs of the individual and may occur on an hourly or daily basis. The emphasis for these supports is to assist the individual in accomplishing those activities of daily living that facilitate living as independently as possible. In some cases, the individually designed living arrangement may be in partnership with members of the individual’s family or friends providing some of the oversight and monitoring for quality.

Group Homes

Group homes are homes located within a community and designed to serve children or adults with higher support needs. These homes typically have four or fewer occupants and are staffed 24 hours a day by trained caregivers. Homes are licensed and monitored through the Department of Health Services (DHS.)


Services are provided either in the person’s home or in the home of a certified care provider. The intent of the service is to provide the primary caretaker(s) with the opportunity to have time off secure in the knowledge that their loved one is provided with supervision and care. Services are provided hourly or daily.

In Home Supports

Services are provided in the person’s home and consist of those activities of daily care that the individual may be unable to complete without assistance.

Day Support Services

Services are typically provided Monday through Friday during the day time hours. The service emphasis is placed on facilitating experiences for people based on individual and group interests and that are similar to those of other people their age. Activities include accessing retail providers, volunteer opportunities and some paid work opportunities.

Employment-Related Programs

CPES provides job training as well as job development and placement services through contracts with DES/Rehabilitation Services Administration and Division of Developmental Disabilities. Job training occurs in an employment setting while fulfilling duties required through contracts with individuals and companies in the community. People are compensated for the work that they perform in behalf of these contracts. Individual placements are made with local employers and vary according to the interests of the person served.

Habilitation Services

The intent is to teach the individual specific skills to increase his/her ability to live more independently.

Housekeeping Services

These services include light cleaning of the individual’s environment as well as grocery shopping and cooking for the person and laundry services. Services are provided in the person’s home.