Foster Care

Child Developmental Homes

CPES licenses individuals and families to provide a loving and safe home environment for children with a developmental disability. We offer comprehensive training and on-going support for families interested in providing short or long term care for these children.

Traditional Foster Care

Foster care is temporary care for children who have been removed from their own home by Child Protective Services. Family reunification is the primary goal for children who enter foster care. CPES licenses individuals and families to provide regular foster care to children ages 0-17. Foster families may choose to provide emergency foster care, respite (short term) or foster care to adoption.

Therapeutic Foster Care: Home Care Training to Home Care Client (HCTC)

HCTC is short-term foster care provided to children between the ages of 3 – 17 who have behavioral challenges preventing them from being successful in their family environment. Licensed Professional Foster Parents provide care for children in a family home setting and are supported by a CPES clinical team to help the children successfully achieve behavioral goals that will enable them to return to family.

Adoption Certification

CPES certifies families to adopt children who are enrolled in foster care (Child Protective Services) and are currently in need of an adoptive family. CPES Licensing Specialists are knowledgeable in all aspects of the adoption process and work closely with families to ensure a successful adoption.

Medically Fragile Children

CPES provides specialized training to individuals and families interested in caring for medically fragile children. The particular health care needs of these children vary and may include cardiac, respiratory, or neurological conditions. The goal of this service is to provide a stable home environment with an emphasis on managing their healthcare concerns.






For more information on becoming a foster parent:

Contact Cheyenne Kelley at 520-262-2552 or via email at in Tucson and the surrounding areas.

Contact Ashley Galvin at 480-708-6981 or email at in Phoenix and the surrounding areas.

Contact Erica Evans at 928-606-2286 or via email at in Northern Arizona.

You can also go to for additional information.

Información sobre cómo convertirse en un padre de crianza:

Póngase en contacto con Cheyenne Kelley at 520-262-2552 o por correo electrónico a en Tucson y sus alrededores.

Póngase en contacto con Ashley Galvin al 480-708-6981 o al correo electrónico en Phoenix y sus alrededores.

Póngase en contacto con Erica Evans al 928-606-2286 o al correo electrónico en el norte de Arizona.

También puede ir a para obtener información adicional.


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